Welham Girl Breaks the Myth about Toppers

Each year, when the board results are about to be announced, there is restlessness among the students of class X and XII. There is a blend of thrill, nervousness, and exhilaration among students, their families as well as teachers.

Nevertheless, students have been doing exceedingly well in their board examinations in the past few years.

Nowadays, in spite of the efforts made by schools to focus on all-round performance, including sports, cultural activities, arts & crafts, and other extra-curricular activities along with academic excellence, scoring high in the board exams still remains the top-most priority of students and parents.

However, Janhvi Chandra, topper of Welham Girls School Dehradun who scored 99.5% in Class XII ISC exams, is a firm believer in ‘well-rounded education’.

In conversation with DehradunTales, she mentioned that her school friends and teachers were her pillars of strength while she was in Dehradun, away from her family that resides in Varanasi.

Subjects Marks
History 100
Political Science 100
Economics 100
English 98


On one hand, she scored a perfect 100 in History, Political Science and Economics, and merely missed scoring overall 100 percent by just two marks and at the same time, she was the President of the English Debating Society, a senior member of the Model United Nations Club, a part of Welham Basketball Team, Editor-in-Chief of the School Yearbook and also the winner of Miss Welham title for 2019.

On top of such achievements, she is also a trained Kathak dancer!

Welham school Dehradun
Janhvi Chandra- A trained Kathak dancer

Janhvi intends to pursue higher studies in Economics, Law, and International Relations in the prestigious SciencesPo in France.

She’s a fun-loving person who enjoys traveling, dancing, and debating. In their spare time, she likes spending time with friends at her favorite cafes in Dehradun.

Janhvi credits this success to her family including her father, Rohit Chandra, mother, Shalini Chandra, and her sister.

She shares her success mantra with the readers of DehradunTales: “You must push your limits and constantly challenge yourself because an easy life is not worth living & you must learn how to manage your time well and be true to your commitments. Don’t procrastinate!”


The team of DehradunTales heartily congratulates Janhvi for her achievement!

Welham school Dehradun

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Q. How was the reaction of your family members/friends/relatives when the result was out?

We were all so shocked and speechless that there was pin-drop silence in the room for almost ten seconds and then my mom started crying out of joy and happiness.

I was simply overwhelmed, and I still can’t believe this actually happened. My parents never expected this and neither did I until it was happening, and we started getting calls from everywhere congratulating us on my success!

Q. What were your thoughts behind choosing humanities?

I have been participating in Debates and MUNs for some time and I have been an enthusiast of History and Politics for as long as I can remember. So, I decided to break the traditional barriers that a good student must take Science and opted for something that truly interested me.

Welham school Dehradun
Janhvi Chandra

It is today that I can say with conviction that my decision to study what I enjoyed has not been wrong. I wanted to pursue Law, Economics or Politics and International Relations for my further studies and hence this combination of subjects was the ideal choice for me.

Q. What was the contribution of Welham School in your success?

Welham School has been my home for eight years of my life and will continue to be so, forever. I can’t describe in words how important it has been in making me who I am today.

I stepped foot on the basketball court here for the first time, I learned how to live on my own, I met people here that I now consider family, I have grown up here and I am who I am because of my life in this school.

Hence, I owe a lot of my success to Welham School and its people. The teachers, the sides, the bearer is, my friends and juniors, and so many people have contributed to making this happen and I am so grateful for each and everything that they have done for me.

Q. Which extra-curricular activities did you participate in?

I was the President of the English Debating Society. I was also a senior member of the MUN club. I have been training in Kathak for fourteen years and finished 5 levels of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti examinations with distinction.

I have been part of the Welham Basketball Team for eight years. I was the editor-in-chief of the yearbook and I enjoyed writing articles for the school’s various publications.

Welham school Dehradun
Janhvi Chandra: Welham School topper 2020

Q. How did you balance excellence both in studies and extra-curricular activities simultaneously?

I have no idea how I did it. I was always stressing and cribbing, but I pushed myself to do better because there is no other way.

You must push your limits and constantly challenge yourself because Easy life is not worth living. You must learn how to manage your time well and be true to your commitments. Don’t procrastinate!

You must push your limits and constantly challenge yourself because an easy life is not worth living

Q. Whom would you credit your success to?

I would like to credit my success to my family, friends, and teachers. None of this would have been possible without my sister consoling me each night when I was stressed out and worried or my friends cheering me up when I was feeling low and crying.

I would like to thank my mother for always being supportive of all my decisions and listening to me cry over the phone each day about something or the other and encouraging me to never give up. Last but not the least, I would like to thank my teachers. None of this would’ve been possible without them.

Q. Who was the helping hand during difficult times in Welham school, Dehradun?

Firstly, I would like to thank Mrs. Sambasivam, our Principal for always being there to support me and most importantly, feeding me every time I entered her office.

There were also a few teachers who really stood by in tough times. Ms. Handa and Ms. Gautam were my House Mistresses; they have seen me at my best and my worst and I can’t imagine getting through school without them.

My guru, Ms. Upma Shukla, was more like my best friend. She has truly gone out of her way to help and support me.

Mr. Vachani was not just my basketball coach, he was more like a mentor to me. I’ve been with him since my first day in school and he has taught me how to hustle at every step of the way. He was one person that believed in me when I was at my lowest.

My friends and family were my strongest pillars of support and I wouldn’t have survived without them.

Q. What are your favorite places/cafes to hang out in Dehradun?

I love Dehradun and everything about it. My favorite places to go would be:

  • Cafe De Piccolo
  • Razzmatazz (I have special memories with this place)
  • L’ Opera (I sat here almost every day in December and January, even the waiters were fed up with me!)
  • Monkey Fist (they have my favorite burger “Mutton Beeji” which is mouth-watering

Q. What are your immediate goals?

I am going to SciencesPo, France, to study Politics and Economics. I haven’t really decided but I do want to learn new things and gather more knowledge and then make an informed decision about my future.

Traveling, eating different cuisines from the world, and meeting new people are always on the list.

Q. Why did you choose SciencesPo for further studies?

It is ranked world number 2 for my course and has 70% international students which allow me to meet new people from around the world. I am studying on the Le Havre campus which gives me a chance to study Europe and the world as well as specialize in Asian relations which makes my education relevant back in India as well.

I get to study a broader set of subjects from history to law and sociology along with my major in Politics which provides me with a well-rounded education. The best part is that I get to travel abroad to one of SciencesPo’s 470 partner institutions for a year abroad to complete my degree.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I have no idea but hopefully making a lot of money and living comfortably. I should have traveled to at least ten more countries!

Q. Do you have knowledge of any foreign language?

I have studied French in school for four years!

Q. Any words of wisdom, you would like to share with readers of DehradunTales?

  • INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing when no one is watching is very important.
  • MENTAL HEALTH AND NO STRESSING OUT: Being calm and composed is the key to success and maintaining good mental health is more important than we believe. If you’re happy and relaxed, you see the results of your work reflecting the same.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Golden rule for multi-tasking. You must be punctual and careful about how you spend every minute of the day. You have only 24 hours and you must make the best of it because it’s not coming back, and procrastination is a sin!

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