How a First Year College Student from Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun Built an Indigenous App, Scanit, as an Alternative to CamScanner in just 20 days.

The Indian government’s decision to ban Chinese apps has given a way to the Indian youth to bring out indigenous manpower into action. Today’s generation is not only interested in social media but has the potential to take technology and invention to new heights.

Pancham, a first-year student from Graphic Era Hill University, along with his two friends, Yashvardhan Prasad and Yash Kumar Kalyan, has built a beneficial scanning app, named Scan It, as an alternative to the Chinese app, CamScanner.

Graphic Era Hill University,Dehradun
Pancham Sheoran

In a strategic manner, they worked day and night in their respective fields and successfully created this made-in-India alternative of CamScanner within a short span of 20 days.

When asked, why the name Scan It, Pancham says, ‘We wanted to keep it catchy and simple and something that also conveys the purpose of the app’.

“We wanted to keep it catchy and simple and something that also conveys the purpose of the app”

Yashvardhan Prasad – Graphic Era Hill University

This app spread like wildfire in the country with more than 10 thousand downloads, which includes more than 5000 downloads within a span of a few hours.

In an interview with DehradunTales, Pancham mentioned that the response from the market is immense in proportion to a bare minimum investment. It is also attracting some customers from abroad, which enhances the scope of the future of this app.

Scan It

This app is available on Google play store free of cost! It is 13 MB in size and the unique catch is that it can be used offline and without a watermark. Running on a server-less medium, it works without ads interrupting its usage.

The trio is still working on improving the quality of the app by including better features like the magic filter, other attractive filters, and clearing out bug issues which may cause problems in its proper working. His team is providing constant support to their customers.

Graphic Era Hill University,Dehradun yash-kumar-Kalyan
Yash kumar Kalyan – Graphic Era Hill University

Along with his friends and family, the Graphic Era Hill University is tremendously proud of this achievement.

DehradunTales heartily congratulates Pancham and his team for this amazing achievement!

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    You all guys just always stick together.
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