Dehradun Smart city launches 1st phase of electric buses


Since the inclusion of Dehradun in the list of 100 Smart cities of India, Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) has been working on various projects related to water supply, sewerage, smart roads, traffic management etc.

In order to make the public transport system more effective and efficient, DSCL launched the first phase of electric buses in the month of February 2021.

Electric buses are plying for the first time in Dehradun from 6 AM to 10 PM. These are battery operated and eco-friendly aiming to reduce use of private cars and thus reducing traffic congestion and air pollution in Dehradun.

The buses in the first phase will run from ISBT to Rajpur, with halts at 32 stoppages. The distance between every two stoppages is 490 metre and the battery charging station is located at UTC depot in Transport Nagar.

The time-table has been designed in such a way that people get buses at a particular stop every 30 minutes. Unlike city buses, Electric Buses will not wait to fill up to capacity for their run but will run as per time-table.


  • 26-seater including driver.
  • It is 9 metre long and 2.5 metre wide.
  • Fully Air-conditioned and GPS enabled.
  • 3 CCTV cameras are installed.
  • USB port and Emergency button at every seat.
  • Hydraulic ramp and one seat reserved for differently abled person.
  • Space for wheel chair.
  • Can run up to 150-180 km once charged.
  • ITS display, viable message display boards.


Following is the detailed breakdown of the fare on the ISBT-Rajpur route.

Up to 4 km Rs. 10
Up to 7 km Rs. 15
Up to 10 km Rs. 20
Up to 13 km Rs. 25
Up to 17 km Rs. 30
Up to 21 km Rs. 35
Up to 25 km Rs. 40
Up to 30 km Rs. 45
Up to 35 km Rs. 50
More than 35 km Rs. 55


Maximum Fare – Rs. 55

Minimum Fare – Rs. 10

Stoppages of ISBT-Rajpur Route

  1. ISBT
  2. Shimla bypass
  3. Majra
  4. ITI Niranjanpur.
  5. Sabji mandi chowk
  6. Patel nagar Police Station
  7. Laalpul
  8. PNB Patel nagar
  9. Matawala Bagh
  10. Saharanpur chowk
  11. Railway Station.
  12. Prince chowk.
  13. Cyber Police Station.
  14. Tehsil chowk
  15. Darshan lal chowk
  16. Clock Tower
  17. Gandhi Park
  18. Saint Joseph’s Academy.
  19. Secretariat Gate
  20. Bahall Chowk
  21. Dilaram chowk
  22. Madhuban Hotel
  23. Ajanta Hotel
  24. Survey Of India
  25. NIEVPD/NIVH Gate
  26. Jakhan
  27. Pacific Mall
  28. Inder baba marg
  29. Mussoorie diversion
  30. Sai Temple.
  31. Tehri House/GRD Institute.
  32. Rajpur


  • Reasonable fare.
  • Comfortable journey as compared to Vikram (3-wheeler) and city buses.
  • Reduction in congestion of traffic.
  • Control on air pollution by curtailing the use of fuel.
  • Time saving for office goers and tourists.
  • Public Transport will be strengthened.

Future Plan

In the near future, these electric buses will run from Prem Nagar to Raipur. Thirty more electric buses are expected to run under Dehradun smart city project to encourage public transport system, provide good service at low cost, and check noise and air pollution.

 The route model will be inspired by Delhi Metro as they will be named as Blue line, Yellow line, Violet line etc.


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