Doon School Dehradun, Frequently Asked Questions :Fee, Registration, Admission


The Doon School is a boys only boarding school in Dehradun and is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, Delhi (CISCE).

Q. When was The Doon school founded?


Q. Who founded The Doon School Dehradun?

Satish Ranjan Das

Q. What is the fee of Doon School?

School fee: Rs. 12,81,000 – per annu​m

Admission fee: Rs. 6,40,500 – at the time of admission (equal to one term’s fee​)​

A security deposit: Rs. 6,40,500 – at the time of admission (equal to one term’s fee)

Advance for incidentals: Rs. 50,000 – per t​erm​

Q. What does entrance test consist of?

The entrance test in The Doon School consists of four papers: English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Knowledge

Hindi is a compulsory language to study till X standard. Shortlisted candidates are further called for personal interview which usually happens in the month of December.

Famous alumni of the doon school?

There are hundreds of famous personalities who have studied in the Doon School. The most popular are:

  • Rajiv Gandhi,
  • Sanjay Gandhi,
  • Rahul Gandhi,
  • Naveen Patnaik,
  • Amrinder Singh,
  • Amitav Ghosh,
  • Vikram Seth,
  • Sunil Kant Munjal,
  • Prannoy Roy,
  • Ali Fazal etc.

Q. Which board is The Doon School affiliated with?


Q. What kind of co-curricular activities does the Doon school offer?

The school offers a gym and fitness room, squash courts, a sports pavilion and a multi-purpose hall for boxing and badminton. It also has a 25-metre swimming pool, several pitches, and net facilities as well as multiple new basketball and tennis courts with flood lights. Many sporting activities such as golf, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Tennis circuit weights, dance, trampolining, volleyball, yoga, and boxing are all on offer. It also has an adventure club and an astronomy society.

Q. How to apply for financial aid?

The Doon School has a scholarship committee which meets to decide on how financial aid awards are allocated. The Headmaster sits on this committee.

Prospective parents, (whose sons have successfully passed the entrance examination and interview and are offered a place) are required to complete a form which is available from the Head of Admissions.

The form requires parents to submit a detailed report of their financial affairs, including joint family income, in order for the school to ascertain whether they are justified in providing financial support to the parents.

The form is comprehensive and has been designed to ensure that the school is able to allocate its resources wisely and effectively, so that they reach the neediest parents and does not provide financial support in the form of discounts to parents who do not need it.

Financial Aid, ranges from limited financial support to awards worth 100%+ to support parents who would not be able to afford to send their son to The Doon School.

The system also applies to scholars whose parents require further financial support in order to enable their son to attend The Doon School.

Q. Who should I contact at The Doon School to acquire application forms?

  1. Mr. Madan Kothari, The Head of Admissions


Q. How to register my son?

You may register your son any time after his birth. Please note that the registration fees are current fees.

Registration is completed on:

  • submission of a certified copy of the boy’s birth certificate and
  • payment of the Registration fee, by Demand Draft according to the schedule given below:
Age Fee For Overseas Registration
Upto 3 years Rs. 12000/- $ 600 US Dollars
3 – 5 years Rs. 15000/- $ 850 US Dollars
5 – 7 years Rs. 18500/- $ 1000 US Dollars
7 – 9 years Rs. 22000/- $ 1300 US Dollars
9 – 11 years Rs. 29000/- $ 1500 US Dollars
11 – 13 years Rs. 36000/- $ 1800 US Dollars


Registration does not guarantee admission.

IR (Indian Resident) registration fee includes a charge of Rs. 1000 for the registration form.


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